Sunday, August 17, 2008

Metamorphosis Ministries USA/Int'l

How would you like to liberate a young girl from the sex slave trade?

How would you like to reunite a boy with his family?

How would you like to give a young woman who was savagely tortured and disfigured by evil men, the chance to have plastic surgery and to live a life without ridicule?

How would you like to give basic medical care to those who have none, to put food on empty tables, to supply clean water to those who thirst, to provide clean clothes to those who are naked and education to children who are without schools?

How would you like to save a child from the fire, a mother from rape and a father from a machete?

How would you like to tell a man who has never known love... he is loved?

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Please show the people of Darfur your love right now!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Letter To Ancilla

Thank you for that astounding neo-geneses, Ancilla ...I'm glad that you told me you know the condition in Darfur is more than that ...we're all glad to know that ...but did you ever think that perhaps the people of Darfur have individual feelings and broken hearts and sometimes it might help the reader to understand and feel the pain of the individual as well as understanding the comprehensive scope of the genocide that has been happening for much longer than the Darfur conflict?

And perhaps if there should be someone who may have been there themselves and they read what I have written perhaps they may actually appreciate that there is someone out there who is attempting to see into and feel and have compassion for the individual hearts of the people of Darfur as well as the collective heart of the indigenous African people who have lived there all their lives, who are being slaughtered by the thousands, whose babies are being thrown into the fires, who are being so brutally raped everyday, who are being chopped up into pieces and thrown into the water systems, thereby rendering the water unfit for consumption, whose homes are being torched and burned to the ground, who have no where to turn so the young girls and boys now rely on the sex slave trade for mere survival of their bodies meanwhile they are dying inside and I could go on and on thank you again, Ancilla for bringing to my attention that you're aware that the condition in Darfur is more than that. And ...oh, by the way your little sad face is so cute ...very nice touch, sweetheart ...thank you.

A word of advice: it's never a good idea to insult someone for having the compassion to at least attempt to look at every side of the multi-faceted angles on situation such as this ...this is something about which many of us are very passionate and there is no wrong in the expression of that passion.


Michele L. Langlo

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Tears On Their Graves

I once was married to a good man

He was so gentle and kind

He loved me so very much

And I loved him deeply

But we were attacked by the men

Who ride horses and camels and wear white robes

They made my husband watch

While they tore my clothes from my body

And one after the other they violated me

Over and over and over again

They did the same to many others in our village

Which even now is still burning

And then they killed the man I loved so deeply

Never again will I taste his sweet kisses

Or feel his warm embrace

I can no longer lie next to him in our bed

Nor can I make love to him in the quietness, anymore

Instead ...I buried him next to our children

And I water thier graves with my tears

Michele L. Langlo

Copyright 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

To Lay His Child To Rest

I saw a man
Kneeling down
To lay his child to rest

He laid back his head
He cried out loud
And beat upon his chest

His tears fell down
Upon the ground
Why must he face this test

I saw a man
Kneeling down
To lay his child to rest

Michele L. Langlo
Copyright 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And It Goes On

Emotions Run High
Originally uploaded by commonroman.
And so it continues
The shedding of blood
Of innocent lives
And we do nothing
And children die in the fire
And mothers cry and mourn
For their little ones
And we do nothing
And brothers are torn to peices
And sisters are violated
And we do nothing
And fathers are gunned down
Or chopped into
And we do nothing
And the slaughter continues
The bloodiest of all slaughter
And we do nothing
And it goes on
And it goes on
And it goes on

Michele L. Langlo

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Glimmer Of Hope

Today, the Associated Press reported that Ghana was elected to chair the African Union over Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir was to be elected president, but the deal rode on the the promise that he would aid peace in Darfur. While a peace agreement was signed in May of 2006, violence has only escalated. Al-Bashir has repeatedly refused UN Peacekeepers to aid the burdened AU troops who are met with contempt by many of the factions involved.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon strongly urged that African leaders end the deadlock that has prevented much needed assistance from UN peacekeeping forces. It appears that perhaps the African heads of state may be open to such action. President John Kufuor of Ghana was elected to chair the African Union by consensus vote.

Michele L. Langlo

Friday, January 26, 2007

Darfur and Beyond - Council on Foreign Relations

Darfur and Beyond - Council on Foreign Relations

So Tell Me

Today in Darfur
Originally uploaded by Life in Africa.
So tell me, what will be the cost
When this is over, of all the lives lost
To a kind of violence too horrible to describe
Too atrocious to dream
Too sickening to ponder

And tell me, how does one
Rid themselves of the feeling
Of being overwhelmed by nausia
And the feeling of being drained
Of one's blood that ensues
That causes one's face
To wear the look of death

And tell me, what happens
To the million or so children left behind
Who will carry with them
The memories of mothers
And fathers, sisters
And brothers
Lost to a bloody slaughter
Too evil to forget

Tell me, what do we do
About them, these little ones
Who tremble in the night

Michele L. Langlo