Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Tears On Their Graves

I once was married to a good man

He was so gentle and kind

He loved me so very much

And I loved him deeply

But we were attacked by the men

Who ride horses and camels and wear white robes

They made my husband watch

While they tore my clothes from my body

And one after the other they violated me

Over and over and over again

They did the same to many others in our village

Which even now is still burning

And then they killed the man I loved so deeply

Never again will I taste his sweet kisses

Or feel his warm embrace

I can no longer lie next to him in our bed

Nor can I make love to him in the quietness, anymore

Instead ...I buried him next to our children

And I water thier graves with my tears

Michele L. Langlo

Copyright 2007

1 comment:

Ancilla said...

this poet is so sad :(
and i believe, the condition in darfur is more than that...